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The decision to file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case can be as stressful as the financial problems you are experiencing. You may have spoken to family, friends or even other professionals resulting in a confusing, negative and/or misinformed description of the bankruptcy process. Of course, contacting us is the best way... more>>
In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy we will create a plan for you which will allow you to make one payment each month to repay your debts. These debts can include mortgage arrears, delinquent taxes, missed auto loan/lease payments, credit card balances, medical bills, as well as many other obligations. The monthly payments are made...
There are many reasons why business fail, or otherwise struggle with overwhelming debt. Some failing businesses would be otherwise successful if only they could eliminate certain debts, or at least delay the payment of these debts. Chapter 11 bankruptcy can accomplish both of these things. A Chapter 11 business...
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